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Why Should I Choose Bahcesehir to live?

Bahcesehir (Bahçeşehir)

Bahcesehir neighborhood with an area of ​​approximately 5 square kilometers, is one of the eight neighborhoods of Başakşehir region, which is located in the northwestern part of the European part of Istanbul and the east-west highway (TEM) passes south of this beautiful neighborhood. Bahcesehir, once a summer resort, is the first satellite town in Istanbul to be established in 1994. The urban plan of Bahcesehir region is based on the model of the existing green continent towns and houses in the style of European buildings and villas, in accordance with international standards.

The average lifespan of houses in this area is 15 years. Most of the residents of this neighborhood are Turkish citizens, and the minority of its immigrants are from Eastern Europe, Arabs and Iranians. A distance of 30 km from the city center of Istanbul (Taksim) has also led to less traffic, cleaner weather and fewer migrants. We recommend; If you are planning to stay in Turkey, plan your future with ease and comfort by buying a property and an apartment in Bahcesehir.

Access Roads to the Region

Bahcesehir does not have access to the Istanbul Metro, but the city train station will soon be operational in the area. The double-decker buses serve three important areas of Istanbul, including: Bakırköy, Taksim Square, which is the most important and central part of European Istanbul, and finally Mecidiyeköy, which is one of the economic and commercial center of Istanbul.

Due to its proximity to major projects such as the Istanbul Canal and the new Istanbul Airport, the region has great economic and geographical value. Thanks to these projects, a great opportunity has been created for those investors who intend to maintain and even upgrade their capital by buying a house in Istanbul.

Green Space & Architecture Diversity

Another feature of this area is the texture of the houses built, which fascinates every viewer with its beautiful combination of villa houses with high-rise residential buildings with painting, special materials and stunning architecture. In addition to the beautiful green space with the largest artificial lake in Istanbul, which is located in the heart of Bahcesehir, the large green space between the houses has greatly influenced its beauty.

The style of villas in this area is modeled on Greek and Italian houses, and unlike other neighborhoods in Istanbul where houses are densely packed, there is a great lack of green space and also no parking space for cars, each complex has its own space. Pleasant green with outdoor pools and private sports space and parking in the number of units. The lush Gölet park, with its pets, is a unique place for children to spend their leisure, sports and leisure time.

Bahcesehir area is generally suitable for people who, in addition to their daily activities and work, are looking for a calm and pleasant environment to live with their families. Even people who are looking for a quiet, happy and beautiful place to live with their families after retirement will be the best option to buy a house in Istanbul and start a life of great peace.

Medical Centers in Bahcesehir/Basaksehir

In the center of Basaksehir, a very big hospital named “Çam ve Sakura” has located which is 11 km away from Bahcesehir center. This hospital is known as Şehir Hastanesi in Turkey it is one of the largest medical complexes in Europe. The ruling party in Turkey seeks to attract tourists in the field of health along with increasing the number of tourists in Istanbul by building such huge medical centers.

In Bahcesehir neighborhood itself, private health centers, emergency rooms and various pharmacies have met the needs of the residents of this area to receive the desired medical services. Also, Sultan Suleyman hospital in Halkali district, 5 km away from Bahcesehir, is one of the best hospitals in the west of Istanbul.

Educational Centers in Bahcesehir

One of the branches of Bahçeşehir College, which is one of the most well-known and reputable private educational institutions in Turkey and the world, is located in Bahcesehir district, which has primary and secondary education levels. Various schools and colleges are also available to suit the age groups from primary to high school. Having opened its first campus in Bahcesehir-Istanbul in 1994, Bahcesehir College operates 125 campuses in 56 provinces across Turkey by the end of 2018-2019 academic year. 

These colleges have Istanbul Turkish, English and German multilingual classes, and have largely alleviated the concerns of foreign nationals’ parents about their children’s education in another language. There are also various kindergartens and preschools to help your children acquire basic life and educational skills.

Sport Facilities in Bahcesehir

The existence of well-equipped sports clubs in different parts of the famous city has created a double sports enthusiasm to the extent that most of these clubs are ready to provide services 24 hours a day. Bahçeşehir Tennis Club is one of the most famous clubs in Istanbul, which has several tennis courts for those who are interested in this popular sport. There are also many Fitness centers around the region like Fitness Club Bahçeşehir which are open round the clock.

In addition to these sport centers, there are various sport facilities inside residential complexes and they are largely suitable for sport enthusiasts. These facilities are different for each complex, but in general, they include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, gym, tennis court, basketball court, football, Turkish bath and various saunas.

Shopping Malls in Bahcesehir

Prestige Mall is a small and luxurious shopping mall located in the Bahcesehir neighborhood. Next to the Bahcesehir neighborhood, in the EsenKent neighborhood of Esenyurt, there is another large shopping mall called Akbati Shopping Mall. This shopping mall offer supplies, home appliances, clothes and clothing & Cinema.

Bahcesehir, like other neighborhoods in Istanbul, has a weekly local market two days of a week. This weekly market, offers a free transportation service on Saturdays and Tuesdays.

Common Questions about Bahcesehir

Bahcesehir is located in the Thrace region (Trakya), northwest of the European part of Istanbul, close to the natural lake Küçükçekmece

The distance from Taksim Square to Bahcesehir is about 23 km.

Bahçeşehir has located 12 km north of the Marmara sea and 30 km south of the Black Sea.

No. Currently there is only bus & highway access to the region & the subway is under construction.

If you use the airport buses (Havaist) it takes you about 45 minutes and if you use car/taxi around 30 minutes.

No. The distance to the nearest university is 5 km.

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