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+15 years of experience in Bahcesehir real estate

Bahcesehir in our hands!

Being active over 15 years in Bahcesehir real estate!

Having two office in Bahcesehir (1&2 regions) help us to give a fast service and consultant to our customers. Analyzing our customers needs and bugets, during the same day, we can initiate sale or rent process for our customers.

What makes us unique

Two main reasons:

An international team which can makes effective and agile consultants to its customers.
A reputed company with years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers in Bahcesehir region.

Get advised now!

Sarah Stone

Real Estate Agent

Madison Carty

Real Estate Agent

Viola Massey

Real Estate Agent

Koby Morley

Real Estate Agent

Nicolas Moss

Real Estate Agent

Tessa Naylor

Real Estate Agent