Bahcesehir Ugur Educational Institutions

Bahcesehir College is a member of Bahçeşehir Uğur Educational Institutions, which has become a global education brand. Bahcesehir Ugur Educational Institutions was found in 1968 by Enver Yücel. Today, Bahcesehir Ugur Educational Institutions offers high-quality education to over 150,000 students. Bahcesehir College, Bahcesehir College Science and Technology High Schools, Fulford Academy, Ugur Schools, and Bahcesehir University (BAU) are all affiliates to Bahcesehir Ugur Educational Institutions.

Bahcesehir College

The first campus was opened in the Bahçeşehir region of Istanbul in 1994. Bahcesehir College operates 137 campuses in 63 districts of Turkey by the end of the 2020-2021 academic year. To view all campuses, click here. “to Bring Quality Education to More Children” has been the main purpose of this college since the beginning.

Since its establishment in 1994, Bahçeşehir College is implementing leading educational innovations in Turkey. Bahcesehir College, one of the first academic institutions that implement STEM education in Turkey, continues its vision of innovation in education with educational practices such as Personalized Teaching Model (PTM), Artificial Intelligence Literacy, Master 6, Master Junior, Master First, Bilingual Education, Coding and Robotics, Together, Social Tracking Program (STP).

Bahcesehir College Science and Technology High Schools

The first Campus of Bahcesehir College Science and Technology High School was established in Istanbul’s Bahcesehir region in 2006. The main purpose of opening these high schools was to train young scientists who will position Turkey among technology leaders globally. Being one of the first high schools that use STEM Education in Turkey, these high schools are cultivating a productive, innovative generation with a solid academic and technological infrastructure.

 After opening the first campus in Bahcesehir of Isatnbul, more branches were opened in Istanbul, Trabzon, Samsun, Diyarbakır, Izmir, Ankara, Gaziantep, Antalya, Hatay, Darica, Eskisehir, Edirne, Manisa in order to bring more children together with qualified science education.

Bahcesehir College 2020-2021 Academic Year Prices

The prices vary according to the campus and education level.

Kindergarten Prices

Education fee: 6,000 TL – 30,000 TL
Meal fee: 2,000 TL – 6,000 TL

Primary School Prices

Education fee: 17,000 TL – 48,000 TL
Meal fee: 3,000 TL – 7,000 TL

Secondary School Prices

Education fee: 17,000 TL – 48,000 TL
Meal fee: 3,000 TL – 7,000 TL

High School Prices

Education fee: 19,000 TL – 64,000 TL
Meal fee: 3,000 TL – 7,000 TL

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